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Driven by the technical possibilities of today “eye.candy | Visual Arts” realizes and invents itself anew over and over again. VJing is passion and so consequently complete and energized focus is put in this activity, with a high level of enjoyment and fulfillment.
Whether fast cuts in an eye-catching show or the illumination of architecturally complex facades – the context of the content has top priority. Therefore artistic expressiveness is almost boundless and performances are always individual and adjusted to the location and to the current mood of the music and the audience. Due to this symbiosis between audio and video, the transmission of a uniform message is guaranteed.
In order to develop own creative personality, “eye.candy | Visual Arts” is working quite enthusiastic on impressive projects. There has been realized for instance a visualization for the AEC facade and an own VJ software has been programmed with possibilities to include the audience into the performances in order to enable collaborative music visualization.
“eye.candy | Visual Arts” always strives for an extension and reflection of our real world towards an expanded view of things. Within the created content, people should get an insight as well as a forward-looking view of both, a better self and a more spectral life.

Ing. Robert Leitner, BSc
head of “eye.candy | Visual Arts”

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